Hundreds of Hamas Rockets Go Missing for Australian Broadcaster


The article referred to in this critique has been amended and now states: “Hamas militants have fired more than 200 rockets into Israel.”

* * *

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation likes numbers and statistics. It tells us that 20 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air strikes. It tells us that Israel has carried out over 120 strikes. It also tells us:

At least five rockets fired from Gaza were shot down over Tel Aviv by Israel’s Iron Dome defence system, army radio reported.

But what’s missing from the rest of the story?

How about the hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza (some 500 since 2014 began) that led to this military operation?

A reader lacking in background may conclude that with the number of rockets in single digits and clearly harmless, having been shot down, the danger is negligible.

How could ABC leave out possibly the most important and vital statistic of the lot?

You can contact ABC News Online here.

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