IDF Launches New Website on Hezbollah


The IDF has officially launched a new website exposing the terrorism and ideology of Hezbollah.

The new website provides a variety of information about the Lebanese terror organization, including its history, ideology, leadership and criminal activities. It covers Hezbollah’s activities in Lebanon and Syria, its attacks on Israel, and its terrorism and involvement in crime abroad.

“Hezbollah is one of the most active terrorist organizations in the world and has successfully built a global terror network. Their long list of achievements includes suicide bombings, plane hijackings, assassinations, weapons smuggling and firing rockets at civilians,” the new page states.

The timing of the website’s launch is hardly a coincidence, coming during a month that marks one year since a Hezbollah attempt to attack Israelis in Cyprus was foiled; seven years since Hezbollah carried out a cross-border attack, sparking the Second Lebanon War; and as Hezbollah fighters continue to fight in the Syrian civil war, supporting the Assad regime.

Check out the IDF’s Hezbollah website here.

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