International Solidarity Movement Exposed

ISM Malam put together one heckuva investigation into the International Solidarity Movement. It drew several conclusions, this one being what I thought was most signficant:

The concept of "non-violence" as opposed to the ISM's justification of a Palestinian "armed struggle:" In its internal documents, on its website and in statements made by its senior figures and activists, the ISM continually stresses that it is in favor of non-violence. The media often call its activists "peace activists." While ISM activists do not directly participate in terrorist attacks against Israel, both in its manuals and in statements its senior figures have justified the Palestinian's armed campaign, even at the height of the Palestinian suicide bombing attacks (during the second intifada). In addition, an analysis of ISM activities on the ground showed that ISM activists sheltered a Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative involved in suicide bombing and shooting attacks, and in laying IEDs. They also hindered IDF counterterrorism activities, including the detonation of an explosives laboratory where bombs used in suicide bombing attacks were made.

One out-take doesn't do justice to this meaty report. Read the whole thing.


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