Iranian Warships En Route to Suez Canal, Israel Threatens Action

Israel’s threatening to take action against a pair of Iranian warships en route to the Suez Canal tonight.

For some time, the Iranians have been interested for some time in having a naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea. Israel National News reports that the Iranian ships plan to dock in Syria for a year.

What’s at stake? Off the top of my head, Iranians off the Israeli coast will potentially:

  1. Support weapons smuggling to Gaza and Lebanon.
  2. Harass Israeli shipping lanes.
  3. Threaten Israel’s offshore gas reserves.
  4. Keep the navy pinned down enough to muscle in on the Red Sea.
  5. Be a source of Syrian and Hezbollah leverage over Lebanon.
  6. Directly assert itself against Egypt.

An all-out incident would potentially distract the Iranian public from anti-government demonstrations, as well as divert Lebanon’s attention from the Hariri tribunal’s latest developments.

Developing . . .