Islamic Jihad Using Grossman Photo

HonestReporting’s “Photo that Started it All” is the Sept. 2000 AP picture of bloodied teenager Tuvia Grossman, miscaptioned across the world as a Palestinian victim of Israeli police brutality, when Grossman was in fact a victim of unprovoked Palestinian brutality.

As we note in our article on the event, a number of Arab groups actually adopted Grossman’s photo to use in their own propaganda campaigns, passing him off as a Palestinian victim. For example, an official Egyptian government website is still using the Grossman photo on its “Photo Gallery.”

Now it seems that none other than Palestinian Islamic Jihad has begun using Grossman’s photo. In this a section of the brutal terrorist group’s banner graphic on their homepage, note the Grossman photo on the left:

Note also the map of “Palestine” — no two-state solution there. This genocidal plan is regularly whitewashed by Reuters (the ignominious winner of the 2003 Dishonest Reporting ‘Award’) as an “uprising for independence.”

(Hat tip: I.A.C.)