Study: Iranian Meddling Hijacked Bahraini Uprising

IAF pilot

Bad news for BDS: Israel’s going to host hundreds of foreign pilots in what’s billed as the country’s largest multi-national training session. According to the Times of Israel:

The air forces would share theoretical information with each other and pilots would practice flying wing-to-wing with each other.

The names of countries set to partake in the joint exercise were under wraps.

Clashes broke out in the West Bank village of Tamoun after undercover soldiers arrested an Islamic Jihadnik. NY Times coverage.

Deja vu?

Facing a billion-dollar deficit and with no funds to pay government employee salaries, the Palestinian Authority has asked Russia and China to help rescue it from financial collapse.

Foreign Minister Riyad Maliki this week blasted Arab countries for not fulfilling financial pledges toward the Palestinian Authority. He also assigned responsibility to Israel for the crisis, for its withholding of tax money collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority since December.

An 18 year-old Gaza boy set himself on fire over the Israeli blockade a family dispute. Maan News says he in critical condition at Shifa Hospital.

No more Mr. Nice Guy. Norwegian pro-Israel activist Andreas Fagerbakke asks, Who are the extremists?

Arab Spring Winter

Aaron David Miller: Don’t blame Uncle Sam for the Syrian meltdown.

The idea that Syria was anyone’s to win or lose, or that the United States could significantly shape the outcome there, is typical of the arrogant paternalism and flawed analysis that have gotten this country into heaps of trouble in the Middle East over the years.

Worth reading: A Der Spiegel correspondent describes A Clearer View of the Syrian Civil War.

“I’ve read about what Mahatma Gandhi achieved in India and I admire it. But what would have become of him here? In a week he would have been lying dead in a field.”

The Washington Post looks at Syrian children traumatized by the civil war. Aid workers in Turkish refugee camps are struggling to cope:

An 8-year-old boy from Aleppo refused to talk for 15 days after arriving. When he finally spoke, his first words were, “They burned my school.”

(Image of pilot via Flickr/Israel Defense Forces)

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