Former Hamas Man Behind Beirut Bombings?

Jerusalem Choose the best answer: Ras Khamis is a neighborhood

    • A) Within Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries.
    • B) Outside the security barrier.
    • C) Not considered by the mayor to be part of Jerusalem.
    • D) Where affairs are administered by neighbhorhood committees funded by the PLO
    • E) Where civic services are taken care of by EU-funded private contractors.
    • F) All of the above.

Memri flagged an unexpected Saudi commentary: The Number of Ariel Sharon’s Victims is Nowhere Near That of Arab Rulers

Now the world need only follow the news in order for to know how cheap human life is in Arab countries . . .

Abe Novick (Baltimore Sun) nails the quenelle controversy:

By mocking the Holocaust in the modern guise of a Jon Stewart style send-up, Dieudonné is leveraging the way young people (and more and more of us) get their news. Yet he’s taking a page out of the old propaganda playbook and making it pop.

For more commentary/analysis, see Time (Israel’s security threats), Haaretz (boycotts), and John Ivison (Stephen Harper in Israel).

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Rest O’ the Roundup

AP cut ties with photographer Narciso Contreras after discovering he digitally altered one of his photos from Syria. Last year, the Mexican photographer shared a Pulitzer Prize with four AP colleagues for his combat photos from Syria. AP did the right thing, but it’s still a shame. The original photo was very good and his alteration wasn’t even necessary.

The news service said on Wednesday that Narciso Contreras recently told its editors that he manipulated a digital picture of a Syrian rebel fighter taken last September, using software to remove a colleague’s video camera from the lower left corner of the frame. That led AP to review all of the nearly 500 photos Contreras has filed since he began working for the news service in 2012. No other instances of alteration were uncovered, said Santiago Lyon, the news service’s vice president and director of photography.


Australian police busted a network laundering drug money which was then siphoned cash to Hezbollah, outlaw motorcycle gangs, and human traffickers. Sydney Morning Herald coverage.

Russian Police to Get Counter-Terrorism Training in Israel

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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