Israel Daily News Stream 04/24/2012

Iranian Atomic Urgency

Jennifer Rubin nicely rounds up some of the latest commentary on the Iranian nuclear talks and concludes Israel Can’t Afford the Happy Talk.

Arab Spring Winter

 Papers were all over Egypt cancelling sales of natural gas to Israel. Take your pick of Catrina Stewart’s coverage in The Independent, or Edmund Sanders’ LA Times piece, for example. See also Reuters on Israel’s alternative energy options and Time‘s analysis of what it all means.

The Carter Center is one of eight foreign NGOs whose work in Egypt was essentially suspended when the government refused to give them licenses to operate. But McClatchy News makes a more ominous observation:

Many of the suspended groups appeared to be Christian-focused, perhaps raising government suspicions of missionary activity in overwhelmingly Muslim Egypt.

• Just one day after UN observers visited Hama, the Syrian army shelled the city and even executed residents who met with the monitors. More at the Wall St. Journal (click via Google News).

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen’s fed up with Syrian sanctions:

The imposition of the luxury goods ban was cited in a New York Times editorial with all the solemnity usually reserved for naval blockades — as good an example of any of how we have gone to dreamland. In the dream, a vicious dictator, fighting for his own and his family’s lives, will somehow come to the bargaining table because he is down to his last Montblanc pen. Of course, more practical measures and boycotts have also been adopted, but it is always good to remember that severe boycotts were imposed on Saddam Hussein’s regime for about 12 years — and it still took an invasion to bring him down. There is a lesson here.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Don’t miss Emily Gian’s two-part series on the Australian media and Israel — exclusively at HonestReporting. Her first installment addresses the two largest Aussie papers: The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

What article in The Guardian’s Comment is Free section — dealing with Israel and anti-Semitism — was quietly altered, and why is the CST Blog rightly piqued? Meanwhile, Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard says The Guardian has libeled him.

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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