Israel Daily News Stream 06/11/2012

Iranian Atomic Urgency

Turkey sharply cut back on Iranian oil imports. According to figures obtained by Reuters, before May, Turkey imported 210,000 barrels per day (bpd). But in the last month, that number dropped to 140,000 bpd.

Iran is due to crack down on software used for evading the regime web restrictions. Details at YNet.

Arab Spring Winter

Most of the Christian population of Qusayr fled following an ultimatum from Syrian rebel leaders. The LA Times writes:

The reasons for the ultimatum ordering Christians to leave Qusair “remain unclear,” the Vatican agency said. “According to some, it serves to avoid more suffering to the faithful; other sources reveal ‘a continuity focused on discrimination and repression.’ Still others argue that Christians have openly expressed their loyalty to the state and for this reason the opposition army drives them away.”

Christians represent about 10% of Syria’s population, but their status in Syrian conflict zones has become more and more tenuous.

The NY Times looks at the Assad regime’s use of Western P.R. firms and their results.

Worth reading: Syria Caught Between Two Ministers

Rest O’ the Roundup

In the Times of Israel, Steve Apfel argues that Big Media actually conditions people to be anti-Israel.

• LA Times correspondent Edmund Sanders looks at the growing trend of Israeli businesses open on Saturday. The cost/benefit of Sabbath shoppers and haredi boycotts carry more weight than the law:

“Ultimately this is an issue that is moving away from the political realm,” Ben-Porat said. “It’s really being decided by profits, not ideology and not public policy.”

(Image of church via Flickr/myahya)

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