Did Israel Strike Syria Again?

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Today’s Top Stories

1. How far has Egyptian public opinion of Hamas sunk after revelations that it intervened in Egypt’s revolution? Maan News reports that a visiting delegation of Hamas leaders — including Khaled Mashaal and Ismail Haniyeh — were instructed to change hotels after Egyptian security officials learned of a planned protest outside the Cairo’s Intercontinental Hotel.

The sources added that the change in hotel was required because forces did not “have the situation under control.” . . .

2. Syrian media claims a Sunday attack on an air base was carried out by Israel. Rebels already claimed the attack as theirs; mum’s the word from the IDF. But the Jerusalem Post writes:

Eye witnesses said that the explosions were large and that neither the Assad regime nor the rebels had the capability to create explosions of such a magnitude.

3. Hmmmm. Over at Al-Monitor, Ali Hashem describes seeing Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah in the Syrian village of Qusair. Hashem confirmed that Nasrallah has visited his people in Syria several times.

Nasrallah’s visit to Qusair shows once again that the group’s fight in Syria isn’t a matter of interests, it’s a matter of existence.

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5. Robert Fisk Equates Terrorists With Himself: There’s a strange irony to Robert Fisk’s views on Hamas cameramen being treated as “journalists.”

6. USA Today Runs BDS Press Release as a Story: Lazy journalism results in paper becoming a mere mouthpiece for the BDS movement.

Israel and the Palestinians

The Times of Israel reports that Hamas is deploying a special 600-man force to prevent rocket fire on Israel.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton’s visiting Israel on Thursday. The Jerusalem Post previews what’s in store.

Oh good grief: ‘Pinkwashing’ Conference Head Claims Dissenters are ‘Israeli Operatives’

JTA: Dutch lawmaker who called for sanctions against Israel resigns.

A staff-ed in the NY Daily News gave Alicia Keys a standing ovation for standing up to the BDS movement.

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  • Questions raised over Hassan Rohami’s university doctorate.
  • Hamas calls on Hezbollah to leave Syria.
  • Turkish police mixed chemicals into water cannons?

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