Iranian Media Infighting Over Fabricated Morsi Quote

Israel and the Palestinians

HonestReporting responds to the BBC’s apology for its non-coverage of the Itamar massacre. The BBC In Its Own Words: “We Made a Mistake”.

While this rare acknowledgment on the part of the BBC is welcome, Thompson’s denial of BBC bias is laughable.

Good grief: The Globe & Mail thinks Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.

My colleague, Yarden Frankl, takes exception with another ridiculous Reuters headline. Watch the video.

The IDF began evicting settlers from Ulpana this morning. YNet was on hand.

Israel and the PA continue investigating the tragic crash of a Palestinian school bus in February. The Guardian‘s Phoebe Greenwood finds enough blame to spread around the nursery school, the drivers, PA emergency services, Israeli authorities, even Palestinian civilians. How’s that?

The delayed response by both teams was fatal. The Palestinian investigation concludes the delay was caused by public confusion over whether to contact Israeli or Palestinian emergency services.

Iranian Atomic Urgency

EU oil sanctions against Iran to take effect Sunday.

In a Washington Times op-ed, Daniel Pipes makes the case that Tehran’s retaliation for an Israeli strike wouldn’t come close to matching the danger of an Iranian nuclear bomb. It’s based in large part on a Washington Institute paper (pdf) assessing Tehran’s likely responses.

Arab Spring Winter

The Daily Star asks: Is Syria Giving Scuds to Hezbollah?

 McClatchy News reporter David Enders spent time with Syrian rebels who have disparate views on Israel:

There are those among them who swear the rebels will march on Jerusalem after Damascus falls, and many more who profess a Syria at peace with Israel is the only option.

“The regime in Israel cares more about human rights than the regime in Syria,” is another notion voiced by many of the rebels.

 Also spending time with a nastier bunch of rebels was AP‘s Ben Hubbard:

One of northern Syria’s most powerful and best-armed commanders, Al-Sheikh boasts more than 1,000 fighters, and they don’t shy away from rougher tactics themselves. They have released prisoners in bomb-laden cars and then detonated them at army checkpoints—turning the drivers into unwitting suicide bombers.

Martin Kramer revisits some Arab Spring predictions he made — back in 2004.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Worth reading: Lessons, Not Finger Pointing, Matter Most for Israel, says Uri Dromi. If you can’t get enough of the state comptroller’s two reports on the Mavi Marmara and the Carmel forest fire, Dromi says there’s a third report in the pipeline.

A French-language “Al Jewzeera” channel? Yes, reports Haaretz.

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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