EU Blacklists Hezbollah

Haaretz updates what’s known about the pending prisoner release.

Did Kerry give Abbas written guarantee that talks will be based on ’67 lines?

 Dueling NY Times op-eds weigh in for and against the EU’s settlement boycott guidelines. See also the Financial Times‘ in-depth look at the issue (via Google News).

 For more commentary/analysis, see Amira Hass, Nahum Barnea, the Times of Israel, Daily Telegraph, Jennifer Rubin, Amir Taheri, Daniel Hannan and Brendan O’Neill, plus staff-eds in the NY Post, NY Daily News, and Irish Times.

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Arab Spring Winter

 Egypt’s barring Gaza fishermen from waters off the northern Sinai coast. Well shiver me timbers: The Guardian will have to send landlubber reporters like Harriet Sherwood and Rory McCarthy back out to sea:

Egyptian security officials told Ma’an that the decision aims to prevent Palestinians and members of militant groups from entering Egyptian territory.

Ambassador Anne Patterson

Ambassador Anne Patterson

Egyptians love conspiracy theories. Even the relatively respectable Al-Ahram couldn’t pass up on one about the US ambassador. The NY Times explains:

It was not clear whether the Al Ahram report was the work of an overzealous editor who failed to consult his superiors, a trial balloon or just a mistake. The front page of Monday’s edition, posted on the Web Sunday evening, said in a banner headline, “Public Prosecutor Orders the Detention of Morsi for 15 Days.”

Below that, in eight breathless smaller headlines, the paper described a scheme by Mr. Morsi, colluding with the American ambassador, to “run the country” from a Cairo mosque. It promised details of the “American conspiracy against Egypt in the last hours of the reign of the Brotherhood,” . . .

The Wall St. Journal (via Google News) looks at the Egyptian army’s battle against Sinai jihadis. And four Egyptian security personnel were killed in the latest attacks.

The Irish Times takes a nice long look at Hezbollah in Syria.

 For more Arab Spring commentary/analyis, see Jonathan Stevenson, Dore Gold, McClatchy News, Tariq Almohayed, Leslie Gelb,

Rest O’ the Roundup

A NY Times staff-ed wants to give diplomacy with Iran more time

Michael Herzog comments on Israeli-Turkish reconciliation in a Hurriyet commentary.

It’s just a movie, right?

World War Z’s portrayal of post-conflict Jerusalem irks Arab viewers

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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