The Guardian Recants: Tel Aviv Isn’t Israel’s Capital

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Today’s Top Stories:

1. The delegitimization of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital took a big hit. The Guardian issued a correction for previously labeling Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital, and recently changed its style guide too. It’s the result of HonestReporting’s legal pressure on the UK Press Complaints Commission.

HonestReporting’s still pushing for the PCC to issue a precedent-setting ruling that would apply to the rest of the British media — that Tel Aviv is not the capital of Israel.

The Times of Israel and Jewish Chronicle already picked up on the story. CiF Watch argues that The Guardian’s correction highlights need for media regulation reform in the UK. The correction also created some Twitter buzz.

2. Egyptian air strikes hit northern Sinai terror camps. Some 20 jihadis reportedly killed. Smuggling grinds to a halt and Hamas deployed forces along Gaza-Egypt border. An Egyptian military statement was certain of Gaza involvement:

The statement continues by pointing the finger at Palestinians in Gaza: “Coinciding with the attack, elements from the Gaza Strip carried out a mortar shell attack on the Karam Abu-Salem border crossing.”

3. While Syria burns and refugees flood his kingdom by the hundreds each day, Jordan’s King Abdullah inexplicably told CBS News that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still the region’s core conflict:

Charlie, I still believe that, you know, and we all know, that the core issue of the Middle East is still the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The Arab Spring, Syria, Iran, these, at the end of the day, are sideline issues. Whatever happens, the core issue, one that ignites the whole area, is still the plight of the Israelis and Palestinians.

Gaza-Sinai Terror Ties

Egypt’s intelligence chief admitted he had received advance warnings of Sunday’s attack. YNet writes:

“Yes, we had detailed information about the attack, but we never imagined that a Muslim would kill a Muslim on the hour of breaking the fast in Ramadan,” Egypt’s intelligence chief told the news agency.

Jerusalem Post: Israel is revamping its Sinai intelligence-gathering process.

More commentary/analysis on the situation, see Israel HaYomAP, The Guardian, Jerusalem Post, and staff-eds in the NY Times and Beirut’s Daily Star.

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