Israel Defending Eyptian Regime?

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1. Israel’s lobbying Washington and Europe to support the Egyptian government. The Jerusalem Post and NY Times explains the effort, as well as Israel’s conundrum in a situation where no matter what you do, you have to hold your nose. The latter explains:

With the European Union planning an urgent review of its relations with Egypt in a meeting Monday, the message, in part, is that concerns about democracy and human rights should take a back seat to stability and security because of Egypt’s size and strategic importance. . . .

Most Israeli experts on Egypt share the government’s support for the Sisi government and view Mr. Morsi’s Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement as a dangerous threat. But several said Israel’s diplomatic push was risky because it could promote a backlash in Egypt and across the Arab world and hurt Israel’s credibility as a democracy.

Two years ago, US neocons split with Israel over how to approach the nascent Egyptian uprising. It’s essentially the same debate, except everyone’s a little older, and hopefully a little wiser.

By the way, there was some interesting journo chatter on Twitter about Herb Keinon and Jodi Rudoren’s source. Whatever the case, the Wall St. Journal reports that Egypt and the West appear to be on a collision course.

2. My school never did anything as exciting as this:

The Scotsman

3. Sinai jihadis killed 25 Egyptian policemen execution-style after ambushing them near Rafah. Meanwhile, 36 Salafis were killed during a mass jailbreak attempt. More on that at CNN.

4. The Rot of Return: Why does the Christian Science Monitor plug maximalist Palestinian demands that are rotten to the core?

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Israel and the Palestinians

Israel’s Counter-Terror Bureau warned of “concrete” indications that terrorists will strike at Israeli and Jewish targets around the world likely to coincide with upcoming Jewish holidays less than a month away. The Times of Israel says the bureau’s alert was unusually strident and detailed.

Khaled Abu Toameh on why the PA wants to keep peace process press coverage nil to as low key as possible:

But there is another reason why the Palestinian Authority leadership does not want media coverage of the peace talks. For many years, the Palestinian Authority has been supporting boycott campaigns against Israel, as well as organizations combating “normalization” with Israelis.

If Palestinian children are condemned for playing football with Israelis, why should it be acceptable for Erekat to be talking with Livni?

Palestinian Authority leaders can only blame themselves for the growing opposition to the peace talks with Israel. Palestinian leaders have simply not prepared their people for peace. These leaders have, instead, delegitimized Israel to a point where it has become a “crime” for any Palestinian to be photographed talking to, or negotiating with, any Israeli.

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  • Another music giant faces BDS pressure over Israeli gig.
  • French court: Urging people to boycott Israel not a hate crime.
  • More Syrian Salafis along the Golan border.

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