IDNS: Hamas Training Its Own Diplomatic Corps

Iranian Atomic Urgency

Iran, Hezbollah, establish training base in Nicaragua:

Sources estimate that the trainees are preparing for retaliatory attacks against US and Israeli targets in the event of a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, the radio report said.

The base also serves as a meeting point with organized crime and drug cartels for money laundering and weapons smuggling.

Admiral James Winnefeld

The Vice Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral James Winnefeld, secretly arrived Israel for talks with his Israeli counterparts. Judge for yourself what it all means. YNet writes:

Winnefeld’s visit will be followed by another visit from a senior US Army official. Next week Lieutenant General Craig Franklin, who currently serves as the commander of the 3rd Air Force, US Air Forces Europe, is due to arrive.

Franklin’s visit is meant to prepare the ground for the joint military drill between the IDF and the US army which is set to take place next month.

For commentary/analysis on the Israel-Iran situation, see Time, Bloomberg News, and the Christian Science Monitor.

Arab Spring Winter

Amos Yadlin makes a compelling argument for bombing Assad’s forces. Read the whole thing at The Independent.

(Image of Jerusalem via Flickr/Flavio (back for a while…), Winnefeld via US Army/Staff Sgt. Jim Greenhill)

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