IDNS: Iranian Atomic Chief Confirms Tehran Misled West

Iranian Atomic Urgency

Iran’s developing its own Internet. From the Washington Post:

Experts say the Iranian government has a handful of reasons to establish a state-run alternative to the Internet. A protected Iran-only network could help officials counter U.S.-funded programs that allow Iranian activists to evade online surveillance. It could also help insulate Iranian computers from a covert campaign of cyberattacks that Iranian officials assert the United States and Israel continue to wage.

New research indicates that the Flame computer virus is part of a cyber-attack even bigger than we realized. From the Christian Science Monitor:

Now, the new analysis reveals traces of at least three more malicious programs targeting Iran, suggesting there are still a significant number of programs yet to be discovered spying on Iranian computers . . .

The discovery hints at a cyberespionage operation vast in scope, with more than five gigabytes of data uploaded from more than 5,000 infected machines to just one of the two command and control servers in Europe each week.

According to the Times of Israel, US officials warned Israel that a strike on Iran would lead Egypt and Jordan to severe ties.

Arab Spring Winter and Arab Rage

Israel HaYom picks up on reports that Bashar Assad’s sister defected.

Egypt’s new intelligence chief, Mohammed Raafat Abdel-Wahed, helped mediate Gilad Shalit’s release. AP coverage.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Canada’s Jewish Tribune picked up on Aidan Fishman winning HonestReporting’s inaugural Blankfeld Award for Quality Journalism.

CNN to Disappear From Israeli Screens

The sale of Israel’s Maariv newspaper was finalized. Haaretz says the approximately NIS 45 million deal “is expected to result in the dismissal of most of Maariv’s 2,000-strong staff.”

Some good Israeli sports news:

  1. Israel began its World Baseball Classic efforts with a 7-3 win over South Africa. Watch highlights.
  2. Der Spiegel: Soccer success sparks Kiryat Shemona urban revival. Tonight, K8, as the team’s known, kicks off its Europa League Group I campaign in Spain against Athletic Bilbao.

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