Palestinian Refugee Brigade Joins Syrian Rebels

Iranian Atomic Urgency

Worth reading: AP takes an in-depth look at the Khartoum airstrike:

The target may have been 40 shipping containers that satellite images show were stacked in the factory compound days before the explosion. Post-explosion imagery released Saturday by the Satellite Sentinel Project, a U.S. monitoring group, show six 52-foot-wide craters all centered at the spot where the containers had been, the blast’s epicenter.

The group said the craters were consistent with an airstrike and that whatever it hit was a “highly volatile cargo,” causing a powerful explosion that destroyed at least two structures in the compound and sent ordnance flying into nearby neighborhoods.

What was in the containers remains unknown — leaving observers to speculate.

Max Fisher of the Washington Post rounds up other Sudan assessments.

An attack on Iran would benefit the Arab world too, Prime Minister Netanyahu told Paris Match (French). YNet sums up:

“Five minutes after, contrary to what the skeptics say, I think a feeling of relief would spread across the region,” he said.

“Iran is not popular in the Arab world, far from it, and some governments in the region, as well as their citizens, have understood that a nuclear armed Iran would be dangerous for them, not just for Israel,” he said.

Haaretz: Two Israeli navy ships passed through the Suez Canal to the Red Sea.

Arab Spring Winter

When it comes to disarming Hezbollah, I like Carlos Edde’s logic. He writes at Now Lebanon (via Elder of Ziyon):

Hezbollah anoints itself as “the Resistance” and unilaterally grants itself the right to be armed on the pretext that Israel is still occupying parts of Lebanon’s territory and is violating Lebanon’s airspace.

Therefore, if foreign occupation and violation of border integrity justify the right to bear arms, to be organized in an armed resistance movement and to be entitled to decide without consideration for anyone how, when and where to make use of these weapons, by the same logic, other groups may or should organize themselves into “resistances” to defend Lebanon from the attacks by the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Furthermore, maybe resistance organizations should be necessary to liberate Lebanon from Iranian occupation.

Juxtapose that with this development noted by YNet: Hezbollah’s installing surveillance cameras along the Israeli border. Can you imagine Lebanon’s March 14 alliance trying to install cameras along the Syrian border?

Egyptian security foiled terror targeting Sinai tourist sites. Details at UPI.

(Image of Barak via Flickr/UK in Israel)

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