Israel Lobby Trope in The Independent

The Independent’s Jerusalem correspondent Donald Macintyre also writes UK political columns. In his latest, he looks at the differences in approach towards Iran between UK and U.S. politicians:

Many MPs, in other words, want to go further, faster in rapprochement, with Iran. Contrast that with Congress, where many members have been pressing for sanctions to be tightened. All of this makes it hard not to conclude that one difference is the much greater power wielded by the Israel lobby in the US legislature than in its British counterpart.

Is it really so difficult to believe that some U.S. Congressmen may harbor genuine concerns and mistrust towards Iran without some all-powerful “Israel lobby” pulling the strings? And if Macintyre claims that this is “one difference” then why not tell us what the other differences are?

Far easier to buy into the trope of Jewish power to explain something that you find politically disagreeable. That this is coming from the pen of The Independent’s man in Israel is equally disturbing.

And is it really all that different from The Economist’s cartoon that suggested the very same thing?

Perhaps it’s not surprising considering that this is the newspaper that produced this front cover image back in 2006:


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