Jerusalem is a “West Bank Town?”


Following requests from HonestReporting, the story has been amended and refers to “the city” as opposed to “the Israeli capital.”

In addition the photo and incorrect caption have been removed from the front of the story.


The Daily Mail’s Mail Online reports that comedian Eddie Izzard pulled out of running the Palestine Marathon following calls to ban him after he performed a show in Tel Aviv.

Unfortunately, the journalist messes up on the geography:



Izzard appeared in Tel Aviv on Thursday night, which is certainly not the Israeli capital.

And to add insult to injury, Jerusalem does get a mention in a photo caption:



Since when was Jerusalem a “West Bank town?”

In any case, the Palestine Marathon took place on the streets of Bethlehem and not Jerusalem.

We’ve contacted Mail Online asking for both of these errors to be corrected. Watch this space.

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