Jerusalem Terror Attack: BBC Headline Shocker

Two Israeli men were fatally stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday evening. The Palestinian attacker was shot dead by security forces after he opened fire on them. The wife of one of the victims and their two-year-old baby were lightly wounded.

How did the BBC initially report on the attack?




Notice how the main focus of the headline is the death of the Palestinian perpetrator who is “shot dead,” effectively turning the terrorist into the victim.

And what is a “Jerusalem attack?” Cities don’t attack people. In this case, the BBC cannot bring itself to apportion responsibility to a Palestinian. Nor does it state that the actual victims of the attack were Israeli Jews.

Disturbing, yes. Surprising, no. The BBC has a history of publishing headlines where Palestinian terrorists are sanitized to the point that inanimate objects such as bulldozers are held responsible for killing Israelis.

While the headline was eventually changed, presumably as a result of outrage on social media, it is appalling that such an initial response could have been published at all.



We demand that the BBC issues an apology and takes steps to prevent a recurrence. Headlines describing terrorist attacks must make clear who are the terrorist and who are the victims.

Please sign our complaint to the BBC and let them know that Israeli Lives Matter. Click on the image below.





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