July 7 Thoughts

• Quote of the Day:

So many reporters were packed aboard the Tahrir, it’s amazing there was room for relief supplies.

Globe & Mail columnist Margaret Wente (via HonestReporting Canada)

Malam has more background on the Flight of Return’s organizers and plans. The person who first thought up the idea of a flytilla, Paul Larudee, met Ismail Haniyeh in 2008 for this grip and grimace photo.

I  wonder what Larudee has to say about Hamastan’s latest: the arrest of a male hair dresser who dared to cut for women.

Jody McIntyre says the UK’s arrest of Sheikh Raed Salah is kowtowing to the Israel lobby. Memo to McIntyre: the CST blog details Salah’s Israeli indictments.

• A US judge “undefaults” the PA and PLO, allowing them to contest a $300 million judgment awarded to two American victims of a suicide bombing years ago:

In a decision made public Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Richard Leon said that though “the default was wilfull at the time, (the Palestinian organizations) clearly demonstrated their commitment to engaging in this litigation.” Moreover, Leon noted, imposing a massive liability “on a struggling government, even if that government is not a recognized state, is not something this court takes lightly.”

• Today’s the anniversary of the 7/7 bombings, and I’ve seen zero interest in the UK papers. Harry’s Place ponders the meaning.

Frida Ghitis makes an important, sobering point about ‘Najad’s latest power struggles:

Unfortunately, the still-raging battle between Ahmadinejad and the ayatollahs pits hardliners against harderliners. The advocates of true democratic reform are mere spectators in this bout, though they have reason to hope the contenders will bludgeon each other enough that the entire regime will ultimately collapse.

In this battle between bad and worse, Ahmadinejad represents the lesser of two pernicious evils. And Ahmadinejad’s enemies, who stand with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will surely win . . .

In the meantime, the brutal repression of pro-democracy advocates continues.