Islamic Jihad’s Stupid Security Lapse Over ‘Souvenir Photos’

Islamic Jihad's upset that its "souvenir photos" of Turkish peace activists posing with guns are being exploited by Israel for propaganda. YNet News writes:

"The occupation took advantage of the souvenir photos that were published on websites as filthy Israeli propaganda against the solidarity activists, to defeat their attempts to break the blockade (on Gaza)," said Islamic Jihad official Daoud Shihab to Palestinian news agency Maan.

Shihab emphasized that the various factions of the resistance "are determined to preserve the lives of these activists." The aim of the factions, he said, was to get the activists out of the Gaza Strip back to their own countries unharmed, therefore they are "keeping them away from all danger."


Not smart. If you're protecting this guy, you never never never A) dress him up in an Islamic Jihad-branded head band and shirt, B) give him a gun, C) photograph his full face and D) post it on your web site.

The Jihad boys have no one to blame but themselves for this.

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