Letter of the Month – September 2011

Getting a letter into your local paper can be just as valuable as a major national title. That’s why September’s Letter of the Month goes to Jacob Amir of Santa Fe for his letter in The Santa Fe New Mexican on September 27:

In his Sept. 25 column — “Has Palestine’s moment finally arrived?” — William Stewart writes that it is time to correct a monumental injustice that has denied the Arabs of the old Palestine Mandate their rightful place in the sun some 63 years after the creation of the Jewish state of Israel. Stewart ignores the fact that in 1947, the United Nations decided to partition Mandatory Palestine into two independent states, one Arab and one Jewish.

The Jews accepted; the Arabs did not. They started a war, one day after the U.N. vote, trying to prevent by force the implementation of the partition. They opposed the legitimacy of a Jewish state in Palestine, regardless of its size. The monumental injustice was the direct result of the policy and actions of the Palestinians themselves. Had they accepted the U.N. partition plan, their independent state would have been 63 years old today, and the lives of thousands, on both sides, would have been spared.

Jacob will be receiving some HonestReporting exclusive merchandise in the mail very soon for his efforts.

Congratulations also to former HonestReporting Mission participant Veda Charrow of Chevy Chase, MD, for her letter in the Washington Post on September 30:

Bravo to Robert L. Bernstein for his op-ed piece. Finally, someone has called to our attention the fact that nongovernmental organizations such as Human Rights Watch, as well as the United Nations, attack Israel for defending itself while turning a deaf ear to the hate speech — including incitement to genocide — in the Arab and Muslim world against Israel and Jews.

It is a sad irony that an op-ed such as Mr. Bernstein’s was necessary, because the majority of the Western media has also been deaf to the hate speech that has led to so much Palestinian aggression.

Remember to keep writing those letters and let us know if you are published!