Louise Bagshawe: Still Waiting For BBC Reply on Fogel Failures


It’s been a few days since Louise Bagshawe asked in the pages of the Daily Telegraph if the BBC really cared about the slaughter of the Fogel family.

Certainly ample time for Beeb executives to reply to the British MP’s broadside calling to account the lack of coverage.

But Bagshawe’s still waiting to hear from the Beeb:

She was then told by the broadcaster’s senior adviser for public affairs that her query had been passed to Helen Boaden, the BBC’s director of news.

But so far Ms Boaden has not replied and Ms Bagshawe has now written directly to her demanding an explanation . . . .

Ms Bagshawe said she was shocked that several days after she raised the issue, it still did not merit a mention on the BBC’s complaints web page.

Despite the Beeb’s deafening silence, Bagshawe touched a nerve with the rest of the world. Her Daily Telegraph commentary — at this moment — has 2,371 talkbacks.