Marie Colvin 1956 – 2012

Marie Colvin

HonestReporting’s job is to hold journalists to account and we are sometimes highly critical of those individuals who write and report on Israel and the region. That doesn’t mean, however, that we cannot appreciate the vital role that good quality journalism plays in democratic discourse and exposing the truth when it needs to be told.

Sunday Times foreign correspondent Marie Colvin reported from Israel many times over a long career and we didn’t always agree with her positions. But we share in the immense sadness of her untimely and murderous death reporting on the savage destruction of the Syrian city of Homs by Assad’s forces.

All too often, journalists based in the Middle East focus their attention disproportionately on the relatively safe Israel beat. Marie Colvin died exposing the brutality of the Syrian regime, bravely going where few others dared to tread. For that we salute her.


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