Media buying Palestinian lies

IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon says what HonestReporting indicated twice during the past week: the world media bought into Palestinian lies during the operation in Gaza:

Responding to criticism from abroad and from within Israel about the IDF’s humanitarian record in the Gaza Strip during Operation Rainbow, chief of staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya’alon told ynet Monday that the army had taken into account the need to deal with humanitarian issues.

“Our problem is not with the situation at hand,” Ya’alon continued, “but with the lies that are being disseminated by Palesitnians and organizations like UNWRA that tell about homeless people that left 1650 homes.”

“Of course, when an operation like this takes place, people are going to abandon their homes. But we did not destroy 1650 home in this operation. The last number I received was 12.”

“The houses they show on TV are ruins that accumulated over 3 years. Where were the reporters all that time,” Ya’alon asked. “Houses have been destroyed, but this was not our choice. I can’t help it that they use houses to dig tunnels from, to shoot at troops from. These houses will be destroyed.”

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