Patrick Amar


Patrick Amar is Director of the Israel Executive Touring Center, established to offer travelers the chance to experience Israel in a different way that leaves you inspired, excited, and craving more. He is licensed by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism to tour and teach about subjects across the spectrum of Israel: geography, politics, history, religion, people, and more.
Originally from Montreal, Canada, Patrick grew up speaking both French and English. As a university student he began traveling to Israel on group trips, first as a participant and then afterwards in leadership roles, until he decided to make Israel his permanent home. Soon after getting married in 2006, Patrick immigrated to Israel together with his wife and currently lives in Jerusalem with their five children.
After working with groups in Israel for nearly a decade, Patrick realized that he had a lot to share and becoming an Israeli tour guide would give him the opportunity to do so. After undergoing the grueling two-year Israel guide’s course, and turning over what felt like every stone in Israel, he qualified as a government-licensed tour guide and since then, has been privileged to guide thousands of individuals around the Holy Land and give them a taste of this incredible place he calls home.

Topics for HR Missions

  • Field trip (Dec. 2014, May 2013, Nov 2013, May 2013, Nov 2012)