Monday Morning Media Mix 10/03/2011

What to read before your work day begins?

What Happened Before Nothing Happened? — Hillary Clinton kvetches that “nothing has happened” with the peace process. She might be be surprised at what’s “happened” since she first endorsed Palestinian statehood in 1998.

Land Without Peace: Why Abbas Went to the UN — Debunking the media myth that Israeli intransigence is The Obstacle to Peace.

Israel fears Iran will copy its policy of nuclear ambiguity — The mullahs are on course to enrich enough uranium without publicly making a weapon.

Israel supports call for talks with Palestinians — The ball’s in the PA’s court.

Worry over ‘10,000 lost missiles’ in Libya — Half of the unaccounted material are SAM-7 anti-aircraft missiles that could be “anywhere from Kenya to Kunduz.” Sleep better . . .

(Image via Flickr/jcrakow)