Muslim Brotherhood Engaged in Photo Fraud

The Al Arabiya website reports (emphasis added):

The Muslim Brotherhood has been accused of gross distortions of the truth in its TV and social-media broadcasts, with some of its messages constituting what one commentator called “a big lie”.

Both mainstream media and social channels like Facebook and Twitter became battlegrounds between opposing sides in the unrest that led up to the ouster of Egypt’s Mohammad Mursi.

Critics point to the distortions of the truth made by Muslim Brotherhood-linked media, while accusations of bias have been leveled against Al Jazeera, just as others have attacked channels such as Al Arabiya and CNN for their coverage.

In one of the most brazen and alarming cases, the Facebook page of Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) – the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood – displayed images of children killed in Syria claiming they were victims of the recent unrest in Egypt.

Sound familiar? It’s not the first time that images of dead Syrian children have been misused.

Early into the 2012 Operation of Pillar of Defense, Palestinian journalist/activist Hazem Balousha tweeted a moving a photo of a girl lying in a hospital gurney, purportedly injured in an Israeli air strike.

BBC reporter Jon Donnison was touched and retweeted it. However, activists discovered that the photo was actually taken in Syria a month before the war.


This was enough to land Donnison a Dishonest Reporter Award for 2012. How many others are going to fall for this particularly crude fauxtography?

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