NBC’s Day With ‘Najad: No Tough Questions

Ann Curry of NBC’s Today Show spent 24 fawning hours with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Clearly, this hardball moment was the highlight of Curry’s day:

“What is the future you wish for Iran? Why?”

“I want the same future as I want for every nation of the world, peace, friendship, happiness and unity.”

‘Najad left out his well wishes for the Zionist entity’s destruction. The only tough question left to ask is which PR firm working for Iran brought this about? Ahmadinejad’s friendly neighborhood autocrat, Bashar Assad, had remarkable success with Brown Lloyd James setting up that Vogue puff piece earlier this year.

Good thing Curry’s 24 hours didn’t overlap with William Hague’s speech accusing Iran of “breathtaking hypocrisy” for supporting the Arab Spring while crushing Iranian dissent and supporting the Syrian crackdown. Could’ve ruined Curry’s feel-good mood.


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