Neocons Split With Israel Over Egypt, Part 2

The Washington Post notes that the Israeli government’s shifting its stance on Egypt after an initial divergence with US neocons:

Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu likened the situation in Egypt to that of Iran, making the menacing prediction that a post-Mubarak Egypt could join other “repressive regimes of radical Islam.” The sentiment has been widespread in the Israeli press – and roundly dismissed by prominent American Jewish neoconservatives, who do not see a takeover of the Egyptian government by the Muslim Brotherhood as inevitable . . .

On Wednesday, Netanyahu seemed to shift his stance somewhat, saying that a more open democracy in Egypt should not be seen as a threat to Israel.

Here’s an example of US lawmakers and thinkers like Elliott Abrams, William Kristol, Rick Santorum and Sen. John McCain causing a shift in Israeli policy. The Walt/Mearsheimer crowd will be happy to know that US views can prevail over Israel too. That’s the nature of open dialogue among allies.

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