Newspaper Prints Critical Quote on Al-Dura Report from Org Tied to Charles Enderlin

The Daily Telegraph’s coverage of the Israeli government’s Al-Dura report rightly includes comment from France 2’s Charles Enderlin, one of the main protagonists and the journalist under the most scrutiny for his role in the original Al-Dura story.

The Telegraph article also includes the following criticism of the Israeli government report:

Yizhar Be’er, the executive director of Keshev, an Israeli media monitoring group that has extensively studied the case, dismissed the government report as “conspiracy theory” and said Mohammad al-Durra’s death was real.

“I believe that what we saw on the France 2 news item was exactly what happened and the camera caught exactly what happened,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “It is mission impossible to fake such a huge event. Nobody, least of all the Palestinians, can create such a fabrication.

A look at Keshev’s website reveals a prominent board member of the organization… Charles Enderlin.

Irrespective of Keshev’s credibility or otherwise in commenting on the story, there is a clear conflict of interest for the organization to be quoted in a case that one of their board members is deeply involved in. That the Telegraph failed to disclose this is wholly unprofessional.

The Telegraph should come clean with this information or remove Keshev’s quotes from its story.

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