Notes from the Campaign Trail

With Sunday’s Palestinian presidential elections coming up, we were struck by the highlights and lowlights of media coverage.

* AP reports that many Palestinians living in East Jerusalem will not participate in Sunday’s election, fearful of jeopardizing Israeli health care and unemployment benefits.

* The Washington Post reports on the suprising success of Islamic candidates in local elections in the town of Obeidiyeh. The mayor and seven of the 11 town council members have links to Hamas.

* A Palestinian rocket hit the Nahal Oz army base inside Israel, wounding 12 soldiers. Reuters spun the attack as nothing more than an internal political challenge to Mahmoud Abbas. The headline? Gaza Militants Defy Abbas with Surge of Attacks

* The New York Times and Jerusalem Post feature interviews with Palestinian gunmen who insist they’ll continue attacks against Israel after the elections.

* According to Bloomberg News, the IDF has info that Palestinian terrorists will try to disrupt Sunday’s voting and blame Israel. What isn’t Israel blamed for?