NY Times Caption Error

The New York Times Online is currently running this photo as the leader on its Mideast slideshow:

The caption indicates that Israel destroyed this armored car with children in the immediate vicinity. But in fact, it was Hamas that set the vehicle on fire, as indicated by other major news agencies: AFP, Reuters, Associated Press. Moreover, two Palestinian children were killed on this day (July 15) from battles between Hamas and the PA.

* UPDATE 7/20 * In response to this HR communique, The Times has corrected the caption, and published a print correction:

A picture caption on nytimes.com on Saturday with an article about attacks on Hamas militants in Gaza described the scene incorrectly. It showed a Palestinian police tank involved in a battle with Hamas militants, not the attack on Hamas militants earlier in the day by Israeli forces.


The front page of The Times’ print edition this Saturday (July 16) featured this same picture, also with a misleading caption:


Both the headline and the first line of this caption suggest that Israel targeted the armored vehicle. Only the second sentence of the caption clarifies the real story ? that this is a scene of internal Palestinian fighting.

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