NY Times Ignores Palestinian Terror


The New York Times today launched a special section entitled “Threats and Responses: Targeting Terror.” The Times’ homepage promotes it as “Complete Coverage.”

This new section collects Times articles from the past ten days that address terrorist attacks worldwide and official responses to quell them. The deadly car bombing in Saudi Arabia and the two Chechnya attacks figure prominently, but Times editors take this opportunity to include U.S. anti-terror combat in Afghanistan, a recent bombing in the Philippines, anti-terror trials in Bosnia and Bali, and the ongoing hunt for Al Qaeda.

Conspicuously absent from The Times’ “complete coverage” are reports on terror and counter-terror in Israel from the past ten days — most of which appeared on the Times’ own pages:

— May 5: Israeli Gideon Lichterman is killed by terrorists near Shvut Rachel.

— May 6: Scotland Yard issues a ruling on British citizens accused in the Tel Aviv bar bombing.

— May 8: The Times runs an investigative report: “What Drove 2 Britons to Bomb a Club in Tel Aviv?”

— May 8: Israel eliminates a senior Hamas terrorist.

— May 11: Israeli Zion David is gunned down by terrorists outside of Ofra.

— May 13: Israel arrests fifteen members of the Islamic Movement for funneling millions of dollars to Hamas.

— May 14: Israel conducts Gaza anti-terror raids in response to mortar fire on Israeli cities.

Why do none of these articles make their way onto The Times’ anthology of recent terror reports? Why do Times editors believe that terror against Israelis and IDF responses “don’t count” for a special section on world terror??

At this sensitive early stage in the renewed Israel-Palestinian talks, such omissions undermine Israel’s critical insistence upon the uprooting of Palestinian terror. The Times, after all, would have its ten million readers believe that anti-Israeli terror simply doesn’t exist.

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In apparent response to HonestReporting’s critique, the Times has now changed the title of this special section to simply: “Threats and Responses” (no mention of “terror”).

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