Palestinian Terror Rampage: Headline Shockers

Over the past few hours, multiple terror attacks have taken place in Israel. In the worst incident, a Palestinian went on a stabbing spree in Jaffa, killing an American tourist and wounding several others.

Two border policemen were injured in a shooting attack near Jerusalem’s Old City, while another Israeli was injured in a stabbing in Petah Tikva.

The news is still fluid and breaking. Updates can be found on The Times of Israel site.

Some of the international media, however, are more concerned about the Palestinian terrorists than their victims.

Here is the latest headline from the International Business Times:




And New Zealand TV’s One News:




NBC News seems to be confused. “Israeli Stabbing Violence?” Exactly who is doing the stabbing?




For The Irish Times, an American simply ‘died’ at the hands of, not a Palestinian terrorist, but a “Tel Aviv attacker,” while the sub-header made sure to give the impression that Palestinians had simply been shot dead without identifying them as the actual terrorist assailants:




The BBC also had difficulty identifying the attackers. As is the BBC’s all too regular style, Palestinians cannot be held responsible:




News is still breaking and stories are still being filed. If you see a headline or a biased article in your local media outlet, let us know by tweeting us @HonestReporting or sending a tip through our Red Alert page.


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