Palestinian Policeman Wants to Nuke US

The Christian Science Monitor has an article that includes this statement by a Palestinian police officer, Said al-Jubein, after an IDF strike:

Said explained that he had stepped inside the house to fetch coffee when the missile hit. In the emergency room he seemed to veer between shock at his own good fortune and anger at the situation. “If I had a nuclear bomb I would explode it on Israel and America,” he vowed.

Note this is a PA police officer. While his anger at having family members injured is understandable, this sort of a statement — post-9/11 — cannot be taken lightly.

Note also the CSM’s mild, nonplussed characterization of his statement. The CSM should have been alarmed by a Palestinian police officer calling for nuclear annihilation of the United States.

It seems that the media have become accustomed to Arab extremism. That in itself should be cause for all of us to be alarmed.