Poor Standards in London

Dear Friend,

Sorry to send an article so soon after the first, but this article “Bible Stories” is blatant anti-Semitism that requires a response.

Though the Evening Standard is a local London newspaper, it is read by over one million people. This article is just disgusting. Even if you don’t live in the UK, this should upset you, so please respond.

We have written a short complaint letter below, but by all means, write your own. At the very least, please forward this to:


Thank you for your ongoing involvement in the battle against media bias.




Dear Evening Standard Editor:

Your October 31 article “Bible Stories” is incredibly offensive.

It refers to International Jewry, a phrase popularized by the anti-Semitic text, the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” and used quite regularly by Adolf Hitler and every anti-Semite since. Although the author describes International Jewry as “mythical,” he then goes on to use the phrase with regards to the way Jews “use” the Holocaust today.

The writer justifies a horrific lynching by saying that he would perhaps have done it himself in the same position.

The writer makes no mention of the fact that Jerusalem is a holy for Jews — and became a holy city for Jews at least 1,400 years before there was ever an idea called Islam.

The author refers to Palestinians denied access to holy sites. Perhaps he could substantiate this claim with evidence.

Perhaps also, Mr. Sewell could substantiate his claim that the Bible offers a distorted view history. Historians have never doubted the existence of an independent Jewish state in the land of Israel prior to, and during, the Roman conquest. The arrogance of his conjecture is breathtaking. Will Mr. Sewell, who treats historical fact in much the same way as David Irving, next try to tell us that the Holocaust did not happen?

The Evening Standard should not print such inflammatory material. It is a very short step from condoning the cold-blooded murder of two soldiers in Israel, to condoning the cries of “kill the Jews” heard in recent weeks at mosques and demonstrations worldwide.

I would hope you are brave enough to print an apology.