AJC: Public corpse desecration = Quiet burial

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution draws a moral equivalence between Israel and the Palestinian terrorists’ parading of body parts yesterday. At the very end of today’s AJC report (req. reg.):

Judaism, like Islam, requires a burial by sundown of the day that a death takes place, if possible. According to both religions, the failure to bury any part of a body is considered a desecration.

In the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict, however, politics often have swept these customs aside. Israel often keeps the bodies of Palestinian suicide bombers and does not return them to their families for a proper burial.

In fact, Israel’s standard practice is to quietly bury the remains of Palestinian suicide bombers on Israeli soil, denying terrorists a celebratory hometown funeral. This the AJC equates with yesterday’s Palestinian barbarism, flaunting body parts before reporters and videotaping the head of a fallen soldier?

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