R.I.P. One-State Solution; Long Live 3-State Solution?

I come to bury the one-state solution, not praise it.

Now that Hamas is laying the groundwork to declare Gaza’s independence from Palestine, it’s easier to be dismissive of arguments for the one-state solution, like this op-ed in The Independent.

Fatah fecklessness, a non-existent peace process, Muslim Brotherhood power in Egypt, and Hamas’ sheer willpower means the three-state solution moots the one-staters. Period.

A bi-national state was an absolute non-starter for the Israeli mainstream. 6 Arguments Against the One-State Solution explains why.

I don’t know if Israel’s better off with an endgame of two or three states.

But the one-state solution is dead. May it rest in peace.

(Image via Flickr/Tammra McCauley)