Recommended Reading

* Reuters on a new Israeli system designed to beat bus bombers:

The new system lets the driver block anyone he thinks is suspicious by hitting a red button to close a turnstile. Electronic gates will be installed at back doors, which have been used by bombers to sneak on without the driver knowing.

A sheet of armor is also mounted on the front of the bus below the window to trap shrapnel if a bomber detonates right outside.

* Peter Hermann of the Baltimore Sun looks into how Palestinian women have become involved in the intifada, and how gender lines are now blurring.

* Commentary by an American living in Israel on the ‘Snow White’ exhibit. Published in the Boston Globe.

* From BBC: A Saudi prince has accused his government of kidnapping him in Switzerland after he spoke out in favor of reform in Saudi Arabia.

* Moshe Arens – ‘Crime Should Not Pay’:

The accepted rule of international behavior is that a nation committing aggression not be “rewarded” by the return of territories it lost as a result of the war it had started. Violation of this rule is nothing less than an invitation to further aggression.

Today’s Germany is not demanding the return of territories it lost to Poland in the last world war. Nor is Japan demanding the return of Korea or Manchuria to Japanese control. Only the case of Israel and its Arab neighbors seems to be different.