Reuters: “Palestinian Dies in Ramming Attack”


HRsuccessFollowing this post and the complaints of HonestReporting subscribers, Reuters has changed its headline to the more appropriate “Palestinian rams car into Israeli soldiers, is shot dead.”

Thanks to all of those who took action and to Reuters for responding.


* * *

On Friday, November 27, two IDF soldiers were injured in a vehicular-ramming terror attack in the West Bank. The Palestinian assailant was shot dead at the scene.

Here’s how Reuters headlined the story on its video report:




“Palestinian dies in ramming attack”?!!

One could assume that the Palestinian mentioned in the headline was the victim of a car ramming attack. That he was, in fact, the perpetrator is shameful on Reuters’ part.


Ask Reuters to change its appalling headline by sending your request through its online support page.


Featured image: CC BY Samuel M. Livingston via flickr with modifications by HonestReporting.

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