Reuters’ Skewed Deportations

Sometimes an article is so packed with bias that it needs no critique; the article speaks for itself.

On Sept. 5, Reuters reported on the relocation of two Palestinians to the Gaza Strip, after being accused of helping their brother Ali Ajouri plan a suicide bombing that killed five people in Tel Aviv in July.

The bias of Reuters’ reporter Nidal al-Mughrabi is blatant:

1) Reuters gives heavy ink to the Palestinian position, quoting Yasser Arafat’s description of the relocation as a “crime against humanity,” and another PA official who called it “war crimes.” In the 16-paragraph article, Reuters musters a mere half-paragraph explaining the Israeli position.

2) Reuters says the two Palestinians were “uprooted” in “fear,” “threatened” and “dumped… to fend for themselves” — but makes no mention of the fact that Israel arranged a family reunion prior to the relocation, and gave them food and bottled water, plus 1000 shekels each for relocation assistance.

3) Reuters makes no mention of the great pains the Israeli High Court took to ensure that the relocations were in line with democratic principles. (Contrast this with the hundreds of no-trial executions carried out by the PA and associated groups.) Reuters also fails to mention the High Court’s reasoning that the West Bank and Gaza are considered part of the same territory.

4) Reuters paints the relocatees as oppressed folk heroes, invoking terms like “honorable,” “defied,” and “plight.” However, Reuters makes no mention of the fact that the two were direct accomplices to mass murder, with evidence that Ajouri’s 26-year-old sister, Intizar, sewed suicide bombers’ explosive belts, and his brother, Kifah, hid Ajouri from Israeli authorities and served as a lookout while Ajouri moved explosives.

Further, Reuters makes no mention of the case of Abed Assida, who the court ruled could not be relocated because there was insufficient evidence linking him directly to the terrorist shooting carried out by his brother.

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