Robert Fisk Equates Terrorists With Himself

I’m not sure why Robert Fisk is firing his guns now at the Newseum. The Washington-based media museum sparked outrage with its decision to honor Palestinian terrorists among fallen journalists.

Newseum backed down and the program (held a month ago) went ahead without mentioning Hamas cameramen Mahmoud Al-Kumi and Hussam Salama. The two were killed in an Israeli airstrike during last year’s Gaza conflict.

That’s all a long time in blog years, but Fisk finally found his voice on the controversy. The Independent’s columnist writes:

As for Salama and al-Kumi, you can try to find them in the organisation’s database today. “Journalist not found,” it says. The “Newseum” has killed them a second time.

So Fisk’s equating thugs and terrorists with himself. It wouldn’t be the first time he did that. In 2001, after being beaten within an inch of his life by Afghan refugees, Fisk wrote:

And I’ll say it again. If I was an Afghan refugee in Kila Abdullah, I would have done just what they did. I would have attacked Robert Fisk. Or any other Westerner I could find.

Fisk’s so open-minded, his brains fell out.

(Image via Flickr/mohamedn)

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