Success: Guardian Removes One-Sided Video

We asked you to e-mail The Guardian’s readers’ editor to protest a one-sided video of the aftermath of the Dimona suicide bombing. To recall, the majority of the video, sourced through Reuters, was devoted to Palestinian comment, including Hamas propaganda. The video contained no comment from any Israeli sources.

Initially, The Guardian claimed that the video “was posted on Monday shortly after the bombing took place and was all that was available to us at the time. It is not intended as a full report of the incident but to show that Fatah condemned the action while Hamas took full responsibility.”

However, The Guardian evidently reassessed the video’s contents in light of the number of complaints. The video has subsequently been removed in its entirety to be replaced with the following, including the acknowledgement that “The video should have included a more balanced selection of interviewees“:

We credit The Guardian for taking this action and the many HonestReporting subscribers who made their feelings known to the newspaper. Once again you have proved that your voices can be effective in fighting media bias even in those media outlets that are seemingly immune to criticism.