Sword Mightier Than the Pen, Part 2

The Globe & Mail describes the reasons and effects of Palestinian media intimidation:

“Media is considered more dangerous than bullets,” said Issa Qaraqeh, a legislative council member for Fatah in Bethlehem, who, while condemning attacks, expressed frustration with the media. “In the last few months there are some media voices that have played a negative role in provoking the street, to the point that I can honestly say it has become a part of the battle.”…

The attacks have, in some cases, led to a return to self-censorship: using officially approved language, or not reporting on some issues. Mr. al-Arabeed, for instance, says they are now dodging direct reporting on the government, and refer to Hamas-backed militias in Gaza’s streets as “unknown” gunmen.

Unfortunately, the Palestinians are finding that the sword is mightier than the pen.

(Hat tip: HonestReporting-Canada)