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CNN: Israel “Concerned” Enough to Carry Out “Retaliatory Attacks”

CNN: Israel “Concerned” Enough to Carry Out “Retaliatory Attacks”

CNN’s shoddy coverage includes understating Israeli fears, failing to identify a terrorist as Palestinian while accusing Israel of “retaliatory attacks.”


CNN Smearing Iran Deal Critics With Dual Loyalty Charge?

Today’s Top Stories 1. The father of the Palestinian baby killed in the Duma arson attack died of his injuries. Saad Dawabsha was buried in Nablus. Afterwards, the PA announced it would pursue Israel diplomatically, while Hamas called on Palestinians to take revenge. Israel is bracing for escalation in the West Bank. Israel arrested nine


New Israeli Cabinet Sworn In

Today’s Top Stories 1. According to Mideast media reports, Israeli and Arab diplomats from undisclosed Sunni states met in Jordan: The report alleged that several Arab diplomats said that countries in the region should be preparing for a new reality as the United States’ influence on regional security begins to retreat.   They also were