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CNN’s New Terror: “Other-Handism”

CNN’s New Terror: “Other-Handism”

The media have an obligation to not only report what people are saying, but what is really happening on the ground. If one side is saying things that have no basis in fact, the media needs to expose this, not simply say “it depends who you ask,” or “on the other hand…..”


Two Killed in Beersheba Terror Attack

Today’s Top Stories 1. Deadly terror strikes Beersheba central bus station. An Israeli Bedouin armed with a pistol and knife killed a soldier, stole his gun, and shot at least ten other people before being killed by security. In the aftermath, police killed an Eritrean refugee, wrongly believing he was a second gunman, leading to headlines


CNN Smearing Iran Deal Critics With Dual Loyalty Charge?

Today’s Top Stories 1. The father of the Palestinian baby killed in the Duma arson attack died of his injuries. Saad Dawabsha was buried in Nablus. Afterwards, the PA announced it would pursue Israel diplomatically, while Hamas called on Palestinians to take revenge. Israel is bracing for escalation in the West Bank. Israel arrested nine