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Qui décide de la capitale d’Israël ?

Qui décide de la capitale d’Israël ?

En 2012, HonestReporting a obligé le journal anglais The Guardian à s’excuser pour avoir unilatéralement décidé que la capitale d’Israël n’était pas Jérusalem, mais Tel Aviv. Il ne s’agissait pas d’une simple erreur : lorsqu’une demande de correction lui fut présentée, The Guardian commença par refuser et adopta la position selon laquelle Israël avait tort sur


French MP Visits West Bank Jail to Learn About Fight Against Terror

Today’s Top Stories 1. A visiting French MP raised eyebrows telling Israeli students that France needs administrative detention to help combat Islamic terror. The Jerusalem Post reports that George Fenech then went on to visit the Ofer Prison, located in the West Bank, to learn more about the controversial counter-terror measure that allows the state


News Agency Fires Reporter for Collaborating With Hezbollah

Today’s Top Stories 1. Terror Collaborating Journalist Gets the Boot: Italian news agency fires reporter Michele Monni, who interviewed Israelis for a Hezbollah documentary. 2. Palestinian court suspended municipal elections that were scheduled for next month. The High Court of Justice ruling gives Fatah a face-saving way to avoid an expected loss to Hamas. Anxious cadres


Israel Now Bringing Sudan in From the Cold?

Today’s Top Stories 1. Maintaining that Sudan is no longer in Iran’s orbit, Israel is urging the US and Europe to begin improving relations with Khartoum, Haaretz reports. It’s a tricky proposition because the US has designated Sudan as a state sponsor of terror, and because the International Criminal Court indicted President Omar Bashir for


Two Dead, More Missing in Tel Aviv Building Collapse

Today’s Top Stories 1. A Tel Aviv construction site collapsed, killing two people and injuring possibly as many as 27, with others still missing in the wreckage. Rescue efforts were complicated by the fact that the site was an underground parking garage. It’s believed the collapse was the result of a structural failure after a tractor


Syrian Rebel Leader Quits After Interview With Israeli

Today’s Top Stories 1. Syrian rebel leader quits after interview with Israeli. YNet explains what happened when Elizabeth Tsurkov, a Research Fellow at the Forum for Regional Thinking interviewed various Syrians in southern Turkey. “Over the years I’ve interviewed activists, fighters, civic leaders, and politicians – almost always on condition of anonymity,” she explained. “This


Sobre o Monte do Templo: Respostas que Eu Gostaria de Ouvir

Até agora, todos nós sabemos que o Monte do Templo é um local no alto de uma colina em Jerusalém, que é sagrado para judeus e muçulmanos. Está sempre entrando e saindo do foco da mídia por causa da violência palestina, das preocupações sobre seu status quo, câmeras de segurança, arqueologia ou por causa de