Tel Aviv Bus Bombing: BBC True to Form

In the aftermath of a terrorist attack in Israel, the BBC can always be relied upon not to avoid clearly stating that a terror attack has occurred. This is the opening paragraph of the latest report on the incident:

At least 10 people have been injured in an explosion on a bus in Israel’s commercial capital, Tel Aviv, in what one Israeli official described as a “terrorist attack”.

The BBC still can’t bring itself to say outright that the bombing was an act of terror.

The article continues:

After the incident, near military headquarters, huge blasts were heard in Gaza – an apparent Israeli strike on the football stadium.

It suits the BBC’s view of the conflict to portray Israeli actions as vengeful retaliation. In fact, the football stadium had been the launch site for Palestinian rockets and would no doubt have been the target of an Israeli air strike irrespective of the Tel Aviv terror attack.

Once again the BBC is true to form.