Tel Aviv Market Terror Attack: Media Mess Ups

A deadly Palestinian terror attack in Tel Aviv’s busy Sarona market on Wednesday night has resulted in at least four deaths and several serious injuries.

Here’s a first look at some of the media mess ups in the initial aftermath of the attack.

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Having quoted Israeli police and eyewitnesses describing a terrorist attack, the BBC still couldn’t figure out who might be responsible.




Could there possibly be a link between this attack and those from the past several months that have been perpetrated by Palestinians?

Trust the BBC not to correctly add 2+2.

Still, while the BBC had difficulty figuring out this one attack, Sky News questioned Palestinian responsibility for every terror attack.





The terror attack took place in the Sarona market, which happens to be located near the Israeli Defense Ministry and Kiryah military headquarters.

Despite the fact that this was clearly a terrorist attack against a civilian target, the Daily Telegraph‘s headline stressed the incidental proximity to the Defense Ministry at the expense of the actual location of the attack.




All too often the location of a terrorist attack, be it in the Disputed Territories or at a military base, is used by the media to explain away or even justify Palestinian violence even when the victims are Israeli civilians.

Let it be absolutely clear – this latest terror attack targeted civilians and not security personnel.

The Independent, however, got its geography completely wrong. Its headline referred to the Tel Aviv attack taking place in the “Israeli capital.”

HonestReporting prompted a swift correction – see here.

While it was later amended, if you ever wanted proof that RT (formerly Russia Today), the Kremlin propaganda outfit, is anything but a serious news outlet, this headline offered definitive proof.




Even allowing for reports suggesting that one of the terrorists may have been dressed in traditional ultra-Orthodox garb, there is simply no excuse for this abysmal and misleading headline.


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Photo: Flash90 / Ben Kelmer

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